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Microsoft's first person shooter Halo games have emerged as the XBox and XBox 360's flagship video game titles. You play the role of the Master Chief, one of the last known Spartan-II super-soldiers. While evading a group of alien races referred to as the Covenant, you stumble upon Halo, a large orbital structure occupied by the Covenant. As the Master Chief, you descend to the ring's surface to fight the Covenant and unlock the secrets of Halo. Here, we pay tribute to this legendary video game franchise with a selection of Halo t-shirts that will help equip even the most inexperienced Spartan soldier for combat. Tees include the Master Chief Halo 3 t-shirt and the Capture the Flag Halo Red vs. Blue t-shirt. The popularity of the video game has spawned hats, books, a graphic novel, and Halo action figures. Fanatical fans of the game have been labeled the "Halo Nation."
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This Halo Akira t-shirt was inspired by the anime movie Akira. The design features Master Chief and the Warthog from the Halo video game. They are styled to resemble the Akira movie poster. Wear this t-shirt when you're in your opponent's base stealing their flag. Order yours with a Halo helmet and finish the fight. Use the helmet as part of your Halo costume or get a Halo costume t-shirt, which is perfect to wear throughout the year or as a Halloween costume.

Crack your friends up in one of these Master Chief's Pwn Shop Halo t-shirts. The design displays a sign for the shop along with a smoking Spartan assault rifle. It's where the noob Spartan-II Supersoldiers go who can't hack it to trade in their armor and Master Chief helmets. Do you have what it takes to be a UNSC Spartan soldier or will you have to trade in your Halo merchandise? It doesn't matter if you're looking for armor or a Halo weapon, Master Chief's Pwn Shop will hook you up with some great deals.

This Halo Reach tee displays an image of the skull design on the front of the Spartan Emile's helmet. He is one of the most anticipated characters in the upcoming Reach video game. He is a Spartan-III commando who is very effective during battle and maintains strict discipline off the field. We're excited to see Emile's skull mask as he drives the Halo Warthog vehicle or helms its mounted gun. A real Halo Warthog replica was created for a series of short films to coincide with the Halo 3 video game release.

The front of this Halo Warthog tee features a repair manual cover for the UNSC Spartan vehicle. The Halo UNSC logo is visible at the top right of the manual, which also includes M41 Anti-Aircraft Gun maintenance and instructions for installing the Gauss Cannon upgrade. Wear this Halo Warthog t-shirt the next time you embark on a Halo co-op mission with friends. Just don't be surprised if they ask you if you can fix the warthog after it gets blown apart.

Browse this selection of Halo costumes that includes a variety of choices that range in price and authenticity. Pwn your friends in the Supreme Edition Halo Master Chief costume shown on the left. What does pwned mean? Pwned is a term used by gamers to refer to a player who has been soundly defeated by an opponent, often multiple times. The word actually originated from a misspelling of the word "owned." Wear these costumes overtop your favorite Halo t-shirts for the ultimate combination. It's the perfect attire for cruising in your Warthog.

The front of this Halo t-shirt displays an image of the Halo helmet with guns and a red and a blue flag behind it. From the hole in the visor, it's clear that this was overkill. Is there such a thing? You be the judge. This Halo tee is perfect to wear while your stealing the other team's flag and pwning their noobs during a game of Capture the Flag. Make the UNSC proud. Order this Halo apparel item today. Make it clear that you're a veteran Spartan soldier.

This Halo Master Chief t-shirt features him in the other team's base stealing their flag. Purchase this with a Red vs. Blue Halo Capture the Flag tee for the ultimate apparel combo in which to enjoy Halo 3's Xbox Live mode, where players can join teams and play games like CTF (Capture the Flag). CTF also existed in Halo 2's Xbox Live mode. This Halo merchandise item also displays the phrase, "While you were reading this t-shirt, we're in your base, stealing your flag." Wear it to help your Spartan Soldier tackle the competition.

The front of this funny Halo tee displays a UNSC Spartan soldier enjoying a cup of tea. A tea bag can be seen hanging over the side of the cup, eluding to the raunchy joke that gained in popularity among Halo players. However, we don't imagine that the United Nations Space Command Defense Force would condone such humor. Wear this tee under a comfy Halo hoodie.

The fronts of these Halo t-shirts feature a silhouette image of a Warthog, Master Chief's favorite mode of transportation. Overtop of the vehicle is the statement, "My other car is a Warthog." The all-terrain military vehicle is featured prominently in the Halo 3 video game. It's almost as important as Spartan Master Chief's Halo helmet and armor. The Warthog seats three people, a driver, a passenger, and a gunner who operates the machine-gun mounted in the rear. This tee is a great choice for both casual and diehard Halo video game fans.

Wear this Halo t-shirt as you play Halo 4 and wield the blue Energy Sword, one of the most deadly weapons in the game. The Halo 4 shirt celebrates the latest addition to the series. This Halo tee features the UNSC logo from the game. Don't mess with these Halo Spartan soldiers, especially when they have a Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword. Wear this T as you pwn your friends while playing Red vs. Blue Halo Capture the Flag on Xbox Live. Can you get a Killtacular?

The front of this Banksy inspired Halo shirt or hoodie features an image of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. The design, which displays Master Chief in his helmet and costume, is similar in appearance to the work of graffiti artist Banksy. It looks great on hoodies as well as tees. Purchase this cool Halo merchandise item so that everyone knows that you survived Spartan Bootcamp. Tell them that you'll soon be shipping out to take on the alien Covenant to finish the fight.

Wear this cool Halo helmet as part of your Halo costume or wear it with your Halo sweatshirt hoodie at your next Frag Fest. What is a Frag Fest? A Frag Fest (or kill fest) is a gaming get together where players compete in a first-person shooter (FPS) deathmatch. Players try to collect the most frags (or kills). Wear your Frag Fest Halo t-shirt underneath your Halo Master Chief costume. The helmet on the left features working LED likes like in the video game. Detailed scrapes add to the authenticity of this unique piece of Halo merchandise.
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