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Play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii's Opera web browser. Choose from our growing selection of Wii Playable flash games that are compatible with your Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive controllers (or wiimotes). To play the online games listed below, your wiimote will act as the mouse and the 'A' button on your wiimote will act as the mouse's 'left click' button. You can also play now at your computer by simply using your mouse. Just click on the PLAY link for one of the wii flash games listed below.

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0-Feed Mo

Feed Mo - In this Wii fishing game, hold the 'A' button down and move your wiimote down to cast your line. Release 'A' to reel in a fish.

plays: 34062  Added: 12-24-10
1-Yeti Sports Orca Slap

Yeti Sports Orca Slap - Press 'A' to throw a snowball. Cursor position defines the direction of your throw.

plays: 57473  Added: 12-28-09
2-Ski Simulator

Ski Simulator - To play this Wii skiing game, move the wiimote left and right for direction, up for speed and down to go slower. Press 'A' to jump. Make all 30 gates.

plays: 68889  Added: 12-26-09
3-501 Darts

501 Darts - This Wii darts game requires an upward motion with the wiimote combined with the 'A' button.

plays: 89012  Added: 12-26-09
4-Power Bowling

Power Bowling - The object is to hold down the 'A' button until the power meter is at the yellow notch. Bowl a strike to hear James Brown sing, "I feel good!"

plays: 75544  Added: 12-24-09
5-Penguin Volleyball

Penguin Volleyball - It's like Wii Sports Volleyball, but with penguins. Press 'A' to jump.

plays: 105662  Added: 12-19-08

Fishing - In this Wii fishing game, you must catch fish to earn more time and points. Avoid the lightning.

plays: 62175  Added: 11-4-08
7-Rooney on the Rampage

Rooney on the Rampage - Inspired by Zinedine Zidane's soccer headbutt, press 'A' to headbutt each opponent.

plays: 53649  Added: 2-4-08
8-Lightning Break

Lightning Break - Based on Snooker, this Wii pole game requires you to sink certain balls in a given time period.

plays: 74234  Added: 10-11-07
9-Finger Footy

Finger Footy - Flick the ball into the goal. Flick it at the approaching soldiers to stop them.

plays: 31788  Added: 9-22-07


Mudball - Hold down 'A' over a player to move him, release 'A' to throw a mudball.

plays: 35542  Added: 9-13-07
11-Snow Blitz

Snow Blitz - This Wii Flash game requires you to turn your wiimote sideways to play.

plays: 61214  Added: 8-27-07

Quidditch - This Wii Harry Potter Flash Quidditch game requires you to score on Malfoy.

plays: 28784  Added: 8-17-07
13-Shootem In

Shootem In - Use your wiimote to position the player in the half-circle. Further back = more shot power.

plays: 31234  Added: 8-16-07
14-Flash Basketball

Flash Basketball - Play Wii basketball. Hold down 'A' to grab a ball, release to shoot. Quite addictive.

plays: 233303  Added: 8-14-07
15-Die Hard Boxing

Die Hard Boxing - To swing, hold down the button and move the cursor quickly in the desired direction. Move cursor quickly to dodge.

plays: 48113  Added: 7-12-07
16-Air Hockey 2

Air Hockey 2 - In this Wii flash game, hold down 'A' over your paddle to move it and score.

plays: 48922  Added: 5-17-07

Snowboard - Stay to the right of the green flags and to the left of the red ones. From titoonic.dk

plays: 34073  Added: 2-18-07
18-Hit the Loser

Hit the Loser - This twist on pool has you trying to hit a ball as it runs away from you. Click 'Play Game'.

plays: 32911  Added: 2-14-07

Bullseye - It's like Wii Darts for couch potatoes. Press the blue button to align your shot.

plays: 46420  Added: 2-11-07

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